Temporary Goodbye

Hi guys! It’s me, Kira, reporting my current status. Hahaha! Honestly, i wanted to post something worth reading along with this update but nothing comes out good enough. Until now, that’s been the case. Haha. (I planned to post something for a few days now) Thinking of interesting topics to write about, i’m not really very good at. My drafts had been piling up but i can’t seem to finish one. *sigh*

Anyway, it’s already the start of my review for board exams, today tbh. And so, i am going to temporarily stop posting in this blog. I may have already told some people here but Yup, i’ll be going on hiatus for 5-6 months. Just until the end of my review, probably. My twitter account @kiraerls will still be a bit active so anyone who wants to contact me can DM me there.

I’m a bit sad that i won’t be able to read posts from anyone i follow here. Watching anime and reading manga will also be lessened a lot, if not stopped during the duration of my review. The next coming months will be one of the hardest and probably the most stressful months of my life but wish me luck guys! I’ll be a certified engineer after all this hardship! (Considering that i’ll pass the exam) Hahaha. I’ll miss this blog and you all. See you after a few months. 😘:)👊👋