Wuxia Novels: An Introduction 📜

Hi there! So, yeah i’ve been away for a long time. I was at home for the first few months (vacation, you know~) then I started training for work afterwards and I haven’t watched any anime until just recently! Can you imagine that? Sucks to not have a strong internet connection in the countryside. You’d wait a long time to load an episode and i’m a person who hates waiting so to pass the time, I tried looking for other things to do and know what I found? (english-translated) Wuxia Novels! Have you ever tried reading Chinese novels? If yes, ever heard of wuxia? Well, today this post will be dedicated to chinese novels, particularly the wuxia genre.

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Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang

As the first c-novel i have finished, this is quite a delightful one.
I have always loved female protagonists like Sansheng who possess strong characters. Moxi is quite adorable as well. ❤


Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion
by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang


I can’t seem to find a nice balance between resting and working. If I work, I get tired, if I don’t, I get bored. lol. Rainy Sundays are also the death of me. My fingers keep itching to flex (or is that just old people’s arthritis? >_<) So anyway, don’t get excited yet, this is just the index page for future chapters. This time, I am translating 三生,忘川無殤by 九鷺非香which was recommended to me by one of my editors, Lily. Out of all the xianxias I’ve read, this is definitely one of the shortest and simplest books. But for what it lacks in complexity, it makes up with its utterly undiluted sweetness. And even without too much angst, this author has a light, lingering way with her words that renders the story plenty poignant in…

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Mei Gongqing 66-67

For my first post, it’s this wonderful story of Chen Rong.
Somehow i fell in love with c-novels almost immediately. ^^


Chapter 66: Trifled With


This familiar man was too close, and he was using such a gentle, seductive, and ardent voice to tell her those words.

Chen Rong’s eyes reddened.

She swallowed her tears, pursed her lips and impetuously cried: “Of course I don’t want you to marry me!”


His warm breath gently blew over her pores and seeped into her body.

Chen Rong genuinely wanted to scream at him and rebuke his impudent teasing of a proper lady. Nonetheless, one look into his eyes was all that was needed for her tears to roll uncontrollably.

She promptly dropped her gaze, both of her hands pounding on his chest and pushing him away. Because she was putting in quite an effort, her entire face flushed red.

Ran Min slightly cocked his head, the corner of his mouth curving, as he amusedly looked at the girl who was refusing him…

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