Happy Cat’s Day, nya! 🐱



Hi there everyone! ^^

You might be wondering why you are reading a post from me this week coz I said in my previous post that i ‘might’ not be able to post anything but hey! I found out that today, February 22, is cat’s day in Japan and i need to contribute something about this special event right here on my blog. I have a soft spot for cats and i’m really dying to post something. Haha! Credits to Anna Koneko coz i got the inspiration to write this from her post.

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Best 7 Anime Couples 💖


Hello again everyone! Wah, it’s been a while since i last posted anything and… Valentines day is tomorrow so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! (in advance) ❤️❤️❤️ And so, as an early celebration i decided to post something related to Hearts Day ➡️ my Best 7 anime couples. Fangirling mode on! 😀😍

I am personally not very romantic but as an anime fanatic and an avid reader of manga, i have a favorite pair in almost every anime i have watched (sometimes not just one pair too). I know every anime fan/otaku has a favorite pair in anime. Girls specially, are fond of romance… admit it. 😜 Regarding the pairs below, i don’t know if you will agree but no, even if you don’t, these are still my favs! 😛

Have fun reading!

Note: Not in any particular order coz it’s hard! There may be some spoilers ahead.

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7 Best Shounen Anime

For my first anime-related post here in my blog, i decided to list the 7 best shounen anime i’ve ever watched and why i love them. Why only 7? Because it’s my favorite number. 😉😛 This is just a list based on my opinion and other people’s views may vary. I just feel like compiling the best among the ones i’ve watched and probably look back after some time and see whether these are still my best 7 anime. 😁

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