5-Days North (Tour Experience Part 2) 👣

Hello! I’m back for the second part of my 5-day tour experience (you can read the first part here). There are just two days remaining so hang on and have fun with this post. 😀

Ilocos Norte


We actually came to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte on Wednesday night and checked-in at a hotel there. They decided to eat dinner outside and i tagged along with them. Even though we are pretty much tired from the day activities, my friends still had the energy to go out and explore Laoag City coz the morning after, we will be leaving that place to continue the tour. There weren’t that much to see though, which is somewhat disappointing. Well, it’s night time so i guess it’s understandable. Anyway, we went out without any plans so we just roamed around the place. We went back to the hotel after taking some pictures. Continue reading

5-Days North (Tour Experience Part 1) 👣

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing fine coz i am. 😀 I promised to make a post about my 5-day tour experience and here i am fulfilling it. It’s a bit late coz it took more time than i expected coz of my laziness, i mean some inevitable circumstances, haha. Anyway, reminiscing the fun moments is just the best. XD

This tour is originally a “plant & facilities tour” (plant as in power plant) coz as you may know, i am an engineering student. I will not be including some of those boring stuff here (companies and power plants). Others might not be able to relate so let’s go with the fun sidetrips.^^

We actually started having side trips during the second day so i’ll be starting at that and in order of what we visited first.

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