About the Blogger:

Kira is my name, a graduating student in a university somewhere in Asia. I’m someone who loves to eat, sleep and listen to music. My hobbies include reading novels and manga, and watching anime. I am fine with any genre (as long as it’s interesting) but i’m a serious fan of historical romance and adventures. 💕 I just recently discovered Chinese novels and now i’m so into it.


About the Blog:

Since i prefer writing on my computer than on a piece of paper,  i started this blog to be something journal-like. Basically, this blog is a place where i put random things i deem interesting. Expect that it will be full of what i like, what i want, what i enjoy and some random thoughts in life and studies. ❤


About the Title:

Frog in a Well – exploring new worlds

I think of myself as a frog in a well coz i’m the typical type of introvert who doesn’t go out much. Since i still don’t want to part with my precious laptop and going out to meet new people is too troublesome, i hope this blog can help me meet more people and explore their worlds through social networking.


102 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Kira! I was looking through my followers list and I found you and had a visit. You have a nice blog here and I hope we can become friends. =)
    I’m still in high school so I hope you don’t mind younger friends. =P

    “i still don’t want to part with my precious laptop and going out to meet new people is too troublesome”

    so relatable mate =D

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    • Oh, maybe you should check it out too. The main character is really badass. 😆 I haven’t read anything of that genre but i am planning to. It’s called Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to you. Have you read it yet? English translations coz i can’t read Chinese. 😫

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    • I see! I haven’t been checking out the English side of things because I have just been browsing Chinese websites. But I definitely have heard of the Chinese version of Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to you before 🙂 I just didn’t realise it has such an interesting synopsis! I haven’t tried it, hehe.

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    • I see. I actually wish i knew Chinese coz then i would have lots of reading choices. It was actually recommended by lots of CN readers so it was on top of my to-read list. Anything you would like to recommend? Maybe it has an English translation.

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    • I would recommend the Tiny Times series by Guo Jing Ming. Its modern romance though, not historical 😀 It should have an English translation because it has movies and is relatively known internationally. In fact, any book by Guo Jing Ming is good 😀

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    • Oh, wow. Well, books are more amazing than movies most of the time. Yep, it would be good to read it after it has been translated completely. I found another novel by Guo Jing Ming, it’s ‘Ice Fantasy’. Do you know it too?

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  2. Hey Kira. I heard you got featured by Lita and I decided to pay a visit. Based on your site, you have pretty anime site. It’s almost like mine except my background is from the anime Durarara!!. Anyway congratulations on being featured 🙂

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  3. That would be better if it can be used on anime characters, especially the villains. Death Note has its up and downs and I would not want to me the actual Kira from the series. I just prefer talking to you, the nicer Kira 🙂

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