Reminiscing Childhood Anime

It’s not uncommon to hear people say that “You’re too old to watch anime!” or “Anime is just for kids.” Well, it’s true that anime are often associated/mistaken with cartoons. I’ve seen this issue discussed countless times in blogs, forums and social networks. Even I had an experience of educating my Mom about the difference between the two. But i’m not here to list the unlikeness of one from the other. Yes, anime’s like a more elaborate and artistic form of cartoon and it’s catered to a variety of audience (depending on the genre). Yes, it’s not only for kids (coz yeah, i’d be a kid if that’s the case) but it’s actually something that is greatly associated with childhood—or at least with mine.

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I know some anime fans encountered/got into anime not during childhood. Some says its during high school, college or even at work. Well, that’s too bad. As someone who only had books and TV as entertainment during childhood, i can say that i grew up with those afternoon and weekend ANIMEs. Those moments of hurrying home just to finish my assignments (my mom’s particularly strict with that) on time for the airing brings a smile on my lips. I don’t actually know that they’re ‘anime’ at that moment. I may have mistaken them as cartoons too but those beautifully-made animations saved me from the sickness-inducing boredom of my childhood.

Now if you ask me what my first anime is, i won’t be able to answer because i honestly don’t remember what. I’ve been watching anime even before i started reading or writing. I remember having a matching shirt and shorts of Sailor Moon which i really love. I was about 3 or 4 years old (1998 or 1999) that time, can you imagine? I haven’t re-watched Sailor Moon since elementary school though so i only vaguely remember the story.

90’s Anime

Of course, among the first few anime i remember is the all-popular Dragon Ball where spiky hair and shouting makes you stronger. Hahaha!  I’ve always hated the lengthy transformations of mecha anime like Voltes V and Daimos back then. There were also those strange, sometimes cute, animal-like creatures from Monster Rancher, Pokemon and Digimon; action animes like Samurai X, Virtua Fighter, Zenki, YuYu Hakusho, Flame of Recca and Hunter x Hunter; magical girl transformations from Magic Knight Rayearth, Wedding Peach, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Pretear and Ojamajo Doremi; other shoujo love stories like Fushigi Yuugi, Inuyasha, Marmalade Boy, UFO Baby, Mirmo and Cardcaptor Sakura; even the classic Cinderella Monogatari, Anne of Green Gables, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Princess Sarah, Little Prince Cedie, Remi and Little Women; and some others including Slam Dunk, Cooking Master Boy, etc.

So do you also know these animes? Have you watched them? I think there are still some that i can’t remember at the moment but well, you really can’t expect me to remember everything i’ve watched since then but you can probably see just how long i’ve been into them. I don’t remember most of their stories but i’ll always remember just how much i like them individually.



7 thoughts on “Reminiscing Childhood Anime

  1. Nice topic. I can see that people would think anime is for kids just because they are drawn out characters. Funny that they say that people are “too old for anime” but they sit down and enjoy adult shows like Family Guy and South Park. I enjoy anime and I don’t let criticism get in the way of it.
    Back to the question you mentioned, I have seen some and heard of some haha. Out of the list, I seen Dragon Ball Z (not the original yet), YuYu Hakusho(vaguely), Rurouni Kenshin, and Pokemon. I heard of titles like Sailor Moon, Digimon, Slam Dunk and Flames of Recca. I hoping to watch them all.


  2. Out of all the ones you’ve mentioned, I’ve seen Pokémon, HxH and Pretear. Pokémon was probably the first anime I loved. I had this huge Pokémon stage and I knew the names of every single Pokémon (not the new ones – just the old ones) and I watched every single movie that came out each year. And at that time I didn’t even know what anime was yet.
    The first anime I watched being AWARE that it’s anime is Special A. Afterwards I was surprised to find that Pokémon was anime haha.

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    • Oh, there were probably lots of people who came to know Pokemon first too. I did like it back then but i don’t remember the names of every Pokemon there. XD I haven’t watched the sequels and other movies too, only the original one. I remember there was a Special A craze in my high school class before, even with those that aren’t really anime fans. It was aired on a local channel on TV. I was really proud that i knew it before them and they were talking to me about it. XD

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    • Oh, i don’t actually remember much about these anime that i’ve watched before. Haha. But yeah, those were the days when i can watch anime on TV everyday, especially on vacations. There were quite a lot with really good storylines too.

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