Personal Update: Life Events

Hello guys! It’s already April, one month away from my GRADUATION DAY! *throws confetti* Yes, just a bit more and i’ll be saying goodbye to my school life. I don’t know if i should be happy or sad with this realization but for now i’m just tired.

Well, we actually don’t have classes anymore but this past few days had been full of events. Just this Monday we facilitated a series of seminars for our batch and our underclassmen. I’m not part of the committee in charge of the event so i was just there as a listener. I’ve always liked going into seminars coz most of the time they are more interesting than regular classes. Or maybe the speakers of the seminars i’ve been to are just good at doing their job.

We had a Recollection on Tuesday. It’s a whole day event. Don’t know what recollection is? From the word itself, it’s recollecting past events and it has to do with strengthening your bond with family, friends/classmates and God. It’s actually an event where most people, girls and boys alike, gets emotional. It was just like a seminar at first. Then they had us watch some tear-jerking video clips about families and relationships. Afterwards we had an activity where we can make a letter addressed to our parents while there’s a sad song playing in the background. Well, who wouldn’t get emotional? I’ve actually steeled myself beforehand coz i don’t want to cry. Fortunately my preparation worked and at most i was just teary-eyed. Looking up did the trick, haha. Some of my friends and classmates were sobbing one after the other and it’s obvious (from their almost red eyes) that the others are just like me, trying not to cry. It’s actually a tradition for graduating students (in high school or college) to attend in this event.

There’s actually nothing tiring about those two days, you ask? Yup, coz the tiring event happened just this morning (Wednesday). It’s mandatory for the graduating students of our university to attend the tree-planting event aside from the recollection. We were given one seedling per person and truthfully speaking, planting it isn’t very hard to do, just that we had to climb up a mountain to get to the place. It’s not really that far coz i think we only walked about 1 km up however, it was really hot during the day (it’s almost summer here) and the worse thing is that it rained really hard the night before so the road up was very muddy and slippery. Some students really did slip in the mud but no one was badly hurt. Thankfully i didn’t slip but the mud on my shoes was very disturbing.

We have the day off today (it’s already past midnight). My classmates were thankful that they can get their beauty rest coz on Friday we will have our graduation pictorial while i’m here planning on sleeping late as usual.

P.S. News came in that i’m graduating ‘With Great Praise,’ if you know what i mean. Haha. I haven’t really confirmed it yet from our chairman but it’s great news. XD


44 thoughts on “Personal Update: Life Events

  1. This is making me remember my college days. T-T I’m imagining myself standing behind you during the Recollection while casting the “Kira Cry! Kira Cry!” spell. Haha. Because I wasn’t able to hold up my tears back then. It’s unfair you did. Hahaha. And cheers to graduates who are tasked to plant a tree! And yes to the slippery trail on a sunny day because it rained the night before. Urgh nostalgic! *sniffs*

    An engineer with flying colors! I am just as proud as your parents Kira-chan! 😛 Omedetou!

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