5-Days North (Tour Experience Part 2) 👣

Hello! I’m back for the second part of my 5-day tour experience (you can read the first part here). There are just two days remaining so hang on and have fun with this post. 😀

Ilocos Norte


We actually came to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte on Wednesday night and checked-in at a hotel there. They decided to eat dinner outside and i tagged along with them. Even though we are pretty much tired from the day activities, my friends still had the energy to go out and explore Laoag City coz the morning after, we will be leaving that place to continue the tour. There weren’t that much to see though, which is somewhat disappointing. Well, it’s night time so i guess it’s understandable. Anyway, we went out without any plans so we just roamed around the place. We went back to the hotel after taking some pictures.


Bangui Wind Farm

The first place we went to that morning is the Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte. This is the only engineering-related place that i’ll be including here coz tbh, this is what i’ve been looking forward to seeing in this whole trip. I haven’t seen a real, 70m-tall and functioning windmill in my life so this is my chance, haha.

First off, we had an orientation regarding the wind farm. They gave some warning regarding the place too coz apparently, we had special permission to view the site which is not often open to normal tourists/visitors! Well, i guess being an engineering student does have its advantage that time. XD

If you will be searching for pictures of Bangui Windmills, you’ll probably get to see this picture of windmills along the Bangui Bay shoreline

Source: Wikipedia


or others similar to that. On our visit, however, we got to take pictures from a different location. And from there, every windmill (around 50 windmills) can be seen, including the one in the picture above though they’re a bit far. As always, i’m not a very good photographer but here are the ones i’ve taken:

Isn’t it amazing? Haha!  We really got very close to those windmills to the point that you can hear the blades cutting through the air. The wind was also very strong coz its near the ocean. Actually when i got back to our bus, i looked like a crazy woman with my long hair all tangled up. XD


Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Cape Bojeador lighthouse is the oldest (from the Spanish era) and still active lighthouse in our country. It’s actually just near the Bangui Bay Wind Farm and the view from the light house is also very nice.


I’ve also bought some souvenirs. I particularly like the small version of the windmill and the lighthouse but unfortunately, i forgot to take pictures of it and it’s already at home (@ my hometown).


Baguio City

So we’ve come to the last destination, the Summer Capital of our country, Baguio City! 🙂

Originally, our plan is to get to Baguio City by 9pm Thursday night (4th day) to go to the famous ‘night market’ where stores sell products for very low prices. However, due to a bit of delay in our trip, we arrived already past midnight and unfortunately, the night market was already closed at that time. We were really disappointed but since it’s something that we can’t really do something about, we let it go and went to sleep so we can have enough energy for the next day.

Baguio City is one of the coldest places in our country. It is situated  at an altitude of approximately 1,540 meters so when we woke up at dawn, we can literally see the little cloud/fog formed whenever we breathe. The city is covered by fog too. You can’t often experience that in tropical countries like ours. When it’s almost noon, the temperature got warmer.

That day, we went to the Philippine Military Academy, an institution for those who want to be part of the army. It actually looks like a big park with some military aircraft on display. They’re (most likely) not functioning anymore. It also has a mini museum which houses the institution’s history. By the time of our visit, some of the students, or should i say cadets, were having a silent drill.

After the tour inside PMA, the rest of the day (until 3pm) is free time. We went to Minesview Park to buy souvenirs, strawberries, strawberry jam (Baguio is famous for it) and other food products. It’s my mother’s request and i also bought some for my relatives and my dorm mates. After shopping, we went to Burnham Park to find something to do to pass the remaining time. We wanted to go boating at first but we thought we wouldn’t have that much time to have fun so we decided to go biking instead. There were several types of bikes to choose from but we picked the tandem bicycles. However, we are odd in number so i had to ride solo.  Tbh, i’m not very good at riding bicycles, yet. I learned how to ride back in fourth year high school by myself. Yes, i’m self-taught. Haha. I’ve ridden a bike for, i think, less than 20 times since then but i haven’t completely fallen down from a bike yet. Haha. :3 I was really focused on riding at Burnham Park coz it would have been embarrassing if i’m gonna choose that time to mess up. XD Anyway, the pictures we took were mostly group pictures and some solo shots so i don’t have any to show here. 


So there, i’ve finished the 5-day tour experience we had. Did you have fun reading through this post and the first one? I hope you did. Thanks for reading! 🙂




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