5-Days North (Tour Experience Part 1) 👣

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing fine coz i am. 😀 I promised to make a post about my 5-day tour experience and here i am fulfilling it. It’s a bit late coz it took more time than i expected coz of my laziness, i mean some inevitable circumstances, haha. Anyway, reminiscing the fun moments is just the best. XD

This tour is originally a “plant & facilities tour” (plant as in power plant) coz as you may know, i am an engineering student. I will not be including some of those boring stuff here (companies and power plants). Others might not be able to relate so let’s go with the fun sidetrips.^^

We actually started having side trips during the second day so i’ll be starting at that and in order of what we visited first.


Subic Bay Free Port

Subic Bay Free Port is, as the name implies, a free port. It is not directly influenced by government affairs meaning there’s no mayor or government officials there. It is a privately owned place, formerly a military base which is now one of the major economic engines and vacation spots in the Philippines.

One of the places we’ve visited here is the Zoobic Safari.


I have been in a zoo only once before but i was only in elementary back then so i don’t remember much of the experience. I’m not particularly fond of animals (cats not included) but seeing them in person once in a while isn’t so bad.

When we came in, there was an animal show (for which we were a bit late to) going on. I noticed that the audience were mostly children in grade school (probably their school trip) and i suddenly thought that maybe we were out of place. Anyway we started the tour after the show which ended a bit after we came in (coz yeah, we’re late). We were guided by a young lady, which we knew later on to be a tourism student currently on her OJT (on-the-job training). The guys in my class kept on hitting on her so it’s kinda rowdy.

These are just some (there’s actually a lot) of the photos i’ve taken. Sorry, it’s not easy taking good photos of moving beings. Well, i’m generally not good at taking photos. 😛

What i liked the most in this experience is the close encounter with the tigers. We rode in a jeepney and i really felt like one of those wildlife photographers while taking their photos. Haha! We (not necessarily us but a person from the zoo) can also feed them (w/ chicken), but since we’re mostly girls in there, we were afraid they might get wild and start attacking us. XD


Vigan, Ilocos Sur

On the third day our destination was Vigan, a world heritage site and one of the New 7 Wonder Cities. It is popular for its Spanish architectures that dates back to the Spanish era. Even fast food chains were built to blend with the rest of the structures that’s why you can really get that historical vibe in the city.

Walking around the city is fun but riding in a kalesa (horse-drawn calash) is much better! Up to four people can ride the kalesa together and the experience is fun. It’s really hot in Vigan so not having to walk while sightseeing is a relief. Haha. Some of the pictures above were taken while riding the kalesa on Calle Crisologo, a street full of shops where we bought some souvenirs (t-shirts, key chains, coin purses, etc.). I’m surprised that they are actually quite cheap!

Next we visited the Baluarte, Fortress of Vigan. It has a mini zoo and a museum of preserved animals hunted personally in Africa by the owner of the place — Mr. Chavit Singson. I was in awe coz the animals (shown below) were really beautifully preserved. Most of them were mounted trophies but surely everything in that museum costs a fortune.

I also got to experience having a big bird perched on my shoulders! Haha. Somehow i was scared that it might peck my ears but it was trained so it didn’t. We’ve visited a lot of animals (dead and alive) don’t you think? Haha, never mind. I had fun anyway. 😀

Now i noticed this is getting very long so i decided to make a part 2 of this post. The two remaining days next, thanks for reading!



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