Versatile Blogger Award 💎

Hi everyone! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ❤️ 


I hope you are happy together with your special someone today, if you have one. And if don’t have one, worry not, i’m the same. 😀  Maybe you’ll have fun reading through this post.

So yeah, i’m off to the next award, the “Versatile Blogger Award!” Thanks again to Lita for the nomination. 😊😊 It’s really fun doing this kind of things.



  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 or more bloggers and let them know you nominated them.


7 Facts about KIRA

During my first nomination for the Lovely Blog Award, i have listed 7 of the most basic facts about myself. Now, i’ll be telling you more of the unexpected (maybe?) part of me. Here it goes..

  • I don’t own anime merchandise. 31257_600
    Yup, that’s quite unexpected right? But unfortunately, i’m just a poor student trying to be practical. The only anime stuff i own are the 3 posters i bought during high school, and i don’t know where they are now. For now, i’m just happy looking at things i like. But when i have a job and earn money from my own hard work, i’m planning on buying the things i want, anime merchs and other stuff.
  •  Stage Fright. I am just very bad at crowds, specially when i’m the center of attraction like speaking in front/on stage. Even when i don’t really feel frightened, my hands just won’t stop shaking and my voice quivers. It’s really embarrassing. 😩
  • I don’t usually watch TV Shows(Drama) with real people. I’m from Asia and there are lots of TV series about family conflicts, adultery, two women fighting over who’s the real wife or something like that. I really HATE them. I don’t like it when things are too dramatic and complicated, it makes me wanna shout at the television. Grr.
  • I used to avoid Yaoi stuff. I was like,
‘Oh my God, can i really read this?’

But curiosity won in the end. I used to skip the steamy scenes though, LOL. But then, i found some really popular yaoi manga and anime and i tried them. Some had really good stories, cute and adorable, and now i like them.. no more skipping. 😳

  • I am a frustrated writer and artist.

I love writing, not on paper coz i have a really bad handwriting. That’s also the reason why i started blogging. I used to write stories but halfway through it, i find myself facing a wall. Like i was running out of things to write. That was always the case so i stopped. I also like art but i’m not artistic enough to pursue this. Now, i’m polishing my editing skills hoping i would soon get better at it.

  • I love bands like Mayday Parade, All time Low, The Summer Set, etc. Some of my friends find it hard to believe that i actually like these bands and their type of music. Maybe it’s because of my personality, but anyway i just like them and i can’t help it. 😉
  • Among the four seasons (though we only have two in our country), the one i like the least is Summer. I just can’t take the heat during this season coz you experience a lot of sweating and it feels uncomfortable. And during summer, i have to go back to my hometown and internet is so sloooow there. *sigh*



Finished! And now i would like to nominate Shiroyuni, whom i just met today. Cheers!


16 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award 💎

  1. OMG I hate watching certain Asian dramas as well lol. Especially Taiwan and certain Hong Kong and Korean ones … they all have those ridiculous family disputes with over-the-top melodrama. I always criticize them to death whenever I see them showing on TV haha. Thankfully Japanese dramas don’t have much of such plots lol.

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  2. Your Yaoi bit made me laugh I was like that too CAN I READ THIS OH GOD AHAHA LOL BUT I love Yaoi and yuri I won’t lie on that factor. I hope you get to purchase yourself some anime merch this year XD You will just stalk a bunch of items you want XD I see you have met Shiro a blogger friend of mine she is so lovely I know you two will get along great hehe 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my, that was kind of embarrassing actually. 😳 Yup, I hope to get some merchs as soon as i get the salary for my first job. I should be making a list right now, lol. Oh Shiro and I seem to have a lot of similarities and yeah, i hope we get along well too! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    • don’t be embarrassed I have another good blogger friend crimson whom loves anything Yaoi herself you are not alone 🙂 Yusss make a list be a goal list even if you just get one thing 🙂 You can post about it would love to know what you get hehe 🙂

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