Best 7 Anime Couples 💖


Hello again everyone! Wah, it’s been a while since i last posted anything and… Valentines day is tomorrow so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! (in advance) ❤️❤️❤️ And so, as an early celebration i decided to post something related to Hearts Day ➡️ my Best 7 anime couples. Fangirling mode on! 😀😍

I am personally not very romantic but as an anime fanatic and an avid reader of manga, i have a favorite pair in almost every anime i have watched (sometimes not just one pair too). I know every anime fan/otaku has a favorite pair in anime. Girls specially, are fond of romance… admit it. 😜 Regarding the pairs below, i don’t know if you will agree but no, even if you don’t, these are still my favs! 😛

Have fun reading!

Note: Not in any particular order coz it’s hard! There may be some spoilers ahead.


  •  Syaoran x Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicles & Cardcaptor Sakura)


I still remember that this pair is the very first couple i was interested in back in grade school. I first watched them in Cardcaptor Sakura and it’s nice how they started off as rivals then gradually started to like each other. I really like Syaoran coz he’s so adorable especially when he gets so jealous of Eriol. 😍

They became one of my fav couple more when i watched Tsubasa Chronicles. Their love story was the focus in this anime and i felt a different sort of fangirling from this pair. It’s more sad and melancholic coz their love was tragic but Syaoran’s perseverance to get back Sakura’s memories got through to me real hard.


  • Yato x Hiyori (Noragami)


From the first time their eyes met, i knew there would be something between these two. They were brought together by fate, with Hiyori getting involved with Gods. There were funny romantic moments on the anime but somehow, i was gradually wishing that there will be more! Before i knew it, they are already one of my favorite couple. I grew to like both Yato and Hiyori individually as well. I like how Hiyori seems to be the one who takes the initiative and i like how Yato gets shy at her advances. It’s cute!


  • Kazehaya Shouta x Kuronuma Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke)


Probably one of the cutest pairing there ever was. Kazehaya x Sawako pair is a really refreshing couple, even if the romance is really slow. I think what caught my attention in this pair is their innocence in love and their cute expressions. Blushing Kazehaya is so cute! >< Their love is so pure, i feel like an expert in love when i’m watching them. 😂


  • Alibaba x Morgiana (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)


I honestly shipped this pair really hard. There weren’t that much romance in the anime, just some hints of Morgiana having special feelings for Alibaba. Honestly, i’ve just mostly imagined them having their own romantic moments. But i know  lot of fangirls/fanboys do that. You know you do. 😜 They started off as friends and with how the story’s going, one could tell that it could end up into love eventually.

Well, Morgiana is my favorite female character and i think Alibaba really suits her. Their personalities complements the other and that makes them good together. It seems so funny at times coz i feel that their roles are reversed like at that gif above.

I was so against Hakuryuu and Morgiana being a pair, like NO!! I was really furious at that stolen kiss!


  • Ririchiyo x Soushi (Inu x Boku SS)


This is an adorable pair between a two people with different social standings. Initially, Ririchiyo didn’t like Soushi at all but she came to love him after he showed how much he cared for her. I like how loyal Soushi is to Ririchiyo, i actually like him for myself  but he loves her so much. Maybe that’s what really hooked me into this pair. I love their every hug. 💘


  • Haruhi x Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club)


You might have already noticed but i really love adorable couples! And when it comes to that, Haruhi x Tamaki wouldn’t get left behind. I think the humor in this anime mainly comes from this pairing. Tamaki being totally oblivious of his own feelings for Haruhi is really cute. With how he blushes and refers to himself as her father, i just cannot resist giggling. Haruhi’s every remark is also very entertaining as it can usually make Tamaki “grow mushrooms in a corner”.


LOL, i really love these parts. 😂


  • Otani x Risa (Lovely Complex)


These two are from another funny anime and they are quite adorable as well. They also started as enemies, though actually considered as a comedy duo of their class. What brought them together was their height complexes—Risa is tall and Otani is short. Their personalities were also similar along with their interests.  It’s funny how they struggle to find suitable partners, even helping each other with their prospective love interests but ended up falling in love with each other. The characters, the humor, the love… it’s really adorable.  ❤️


So that’s my best 7 anime couples. I have only based everything on the anime, not their manga so there are lots of other good couples i didn’t include here. I hope you liked them. They are mainly canon couples so i guess you know most, if not all of them. 😊




23 thoughts on “Best 7 Anime Couples 💖

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  2. The manga Ouran HS Host Club is 100x better than the anime. The ending of the anime really pissed me off. In the anime, it is implied Tamaki and his ” fiancée ” became intimate ( had sex ), that’s why it was so easy for him to walk away from his friends ( and haruhi ) to go live with his fiancée in France. Nothing like that happened in the manga.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup, it was. Well, the manga is complete and had a happy ending (i really love it). That part in the anime really didn’t happen in the manga and really disappointed me as well. But my overall impression of the anime is rather good, i almost forgot about that. Lol.


    • Yes, it’s complete.

      Oh, did you notice about THAT part ? 90% of those who had watched the anime didn’t ” get ” that part. They are mostly anime fans, but most manga readers right away ” saw ” what happened between the fiancée and Tamaki.


    • Yup, i noticed but i was quite unconvinced that they really did that. I don’t think Tamaki would’ve really done it and I don’t really want to believe either way. Wahh! Just no! D:


    • I’m 1 million % sure they did it. It started on the couch….. that make – out session made tamaki agree to the engagement…. it is implied he didn’t even go home and stayed over at her house. In manga, the shower scene implies ” something happened” . Since they have actually done it, Tamaki not only agreed to the engagement, but had agreed to go live with her in France…… after they all, they are already connected biologically. Tamaki already felt he had responsibility to uphold.

      I really don’t know why the anime creators put that in. But I can actually believe Tamaki would do that. After all, he’s a host.

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    • I have a different perspective about this, though i entertain that possibility. Tamaki is a host, surely, but he’s actually more naive than most of the HC members when it comes to ‘true’ love. One proof to that is his obliviousness to his own feelings for Haruhi. He’s a true gentleman as well so i don’t think he would do ‘it’ even when he’s seduced. And i think that the primary reason he had for going with her was that he’s feeling guilty of ruining the relationship of Kyouya and his father and also for the sake of the other members of the host club. That was what he said to Shima-san, the head maid. His grandmother also permitted him to see her mother once he accepted the girl as her fiancee. And we know that he really wanted to see her.

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    • Tamaki not aware that he’s in love, and not knowing what true love is, as you say, is my main issue with him…. and that’s exactly why he will be easy to seduce. In the anime, when when his fiancée pushes him and he falls on the couch, and starts to kiss him, he is surprised and but does nothing else, then the scene changes…… I assume after some time, they come out and show everyone they are full blown engaged. The anime does not show Tamaki resisting her advances, so we assume he doesn’t and they make out. I also assume Tamaki stays the night, because we see the fiancée taking a shower and tamaki is playing the piano , alreadyin his uniform, and then we also see the girl hug him while he’s playing, and Tamaki continousto play. It is a very telling and intimate scene.

      And we also know Haruhi is nothing to him because getting engaged and leaving everything behind ( I’m assuming they will be living together in France ) means Haruhi doesn’t come into the equation at all. Whatever it is, it’s over. Haruhi is done for, as far as Tamaki is concerned.
      I think I should make a post that tackles stuff like this. Ouran isn’t the only one. Itazura na Kiss and Ao Haru Ride are good examples.

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    • Oh you made a good point there. I guess we differ in our opinions a bit but it’s nice to know various opinions regarding things like this. It makes me question my own way of thinking. Haha. 😉 But still, (i actually re-watched the last two episodes) i think i am not changing my mind regarding this. I don’t know if it’s the part of me who’s shipping Tamaki and Haruhi but i think Tamaki just played his part (not retaliating to Eclair’s advances) coz of his grandmother and i guess, out of respects to her too. We really won’t know coz nothing were shown after that scene where Eclair pushed him to the couch. But the scene at the end where Haruhi came after them and Tamaki showing a sad expression proves that he’s really agonizing over leaving her and that she’s not entirely out of the equation. And Eclair, seeing that Tamaki really don’t want to leave, lets him go.
      I think that’s a good idea. 🙂 Yep, those two can be a good source of discussion. Haha.

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    • Because she’s one of his friends he’s leaving behind, and a rather special one at that, one he may have feelings for, but not enough that he can resist something that would be beneficial to him. But that’s Tamaki in the anime. By the way, there’s a long discussion about this on the manga fora, and almost all have the same thoughts on what has gone down in the anime.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I bet it is. It’s kinda controversial because of the part we had been discussing for a while now.
      True though, i have read quite a lot of manga and some had their anime’s turned to be a bit different. Maybe it’s because they try to shorten it but sometimes the watchers feel somewhat disappointed.

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