One Lovely Blog Award 💗

Hi everyone! Here i am, nominated for an award for the first time! I’m really happy coz this is a really great opportunity for me as a newbie in blogging. So yeah, i wanna thank crimson613 for nominating me. Thank you very much! I’m so glad you think my blog is lovely. 😄💕 To anyone who still doesn’t know her, visit her blog and learn more about her ‘fujoshi life’. 😉



  • You must thank person who nominated you and include a link to their blog
  • You must list the rules and display the award
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers


I think it’s really timely for this to be part of the rules. As someone who just started recently, i know even those few people who follow me doesn’t know me well. I hope that through this you can learn more about myself and if you liked me based on what you’ve read, it would be great if we can be friends. 😊 Yeah, so here we go… 👊


  • I’m an engineering student who will be graduating this year. Hooray! I’ll be taking a board exam on October and will be joining the workforce a little after that, probably.
  • I am an introvert, the typical one who doesn’t like going out much and hates crowds. I do have friends, certainly a few but just enough.
  • I am not girly. What i mean is, i don’t like wearing dresses, high heels, make up, etc. Looking at cute clothes are fun but i don’t really feel like wearing them. Wearing high heels is just as dangerous as walking in a cliff. Make-up makes my face feel heavy and just a bit of movement and it will probably get ruined. I just don’t feel comfortable with them. 😫
  • Reading manga’s and novels are my most favorite hobby, next is watching anime. I started getting hooked into reading back in high school where book reports are often given as assignments. I am not so particular with the genre but i adore historical romance. I don’t often enjoy those with lots of drama. Textbooks and technical books are not my cup of tea, they’re my sleeping pills. ✌️😛
  • Pasta is my favorite among the foods that i likeI can eat it everyday without getting sick of it, honestly.
  • I like cats more than dogs. I think dogs are only cute when they’re small but cats don’t grow so big unless they’re tigers, lions, etc. I also love how they’re just silent most of the time but they cling to you once you get closer. 💚
  • I love travelling, alone or with a few people. What i like about travelling is that i can see places/sceneries i’ve never seen before. I can also eat foods native to their place and it’s just seem so great learning more about other people’s culture. I haven’t really traveled that many places yet, just within my country, but i hope to get to more places in the future. 😊


So that’s 7 facts already. I hope you enjoyed reading this. For my nominations, it would be SindyArria CrossCátia and Shay. Check out their lovely blogs as well!


19 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award 💗

  1. Congratulations! Way to go! Yay, yay! Good for you. Keep it up. And Crimson’s great. She’s one of my fave people in the aniblogosphere. And of course I want to say a huge THANK YOU for nominating me for this award as well. Thank you very much! Unfortunately I don’t accept this award in my blog due to personal reasons, but rest assured that it made my day. I really appreciate it. Cheers!

    P.S. I love CATS!
    . . .And Izaya’s still mine.

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  2. haha we have more similarities from what I can read.
    I like looking at all those pretty and fashionable clothes and all those accessories and make-up, but I don’t like wearing it myself either because it feels uncomfortable. When the topic comes up, people in my school always tell me that they’ve never seen me wear a skirt.


    • Oh, really? That’s great! Well, our uniform in school is a knee-length skirt but other than that, i’ve never been seen by my classmates wearing a skirt too. They would always invite me to parties too but since i would have to dress up i always decline. 😁


    • I can relate. My friends tried to persuade for many days to go to the river cruise (like a high school party with no alcohol) but I didn’t go because I went the year before and I didn’t enjoy it

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    • Yeah, right! And i already don’t like crowded places coz i feel suffocated. If you add up the smell of sweaty people and alcohol, maybe i can just faint right there. I really hate the smell of alcohol… and cigarettes too. 😫


    • People here in our place likes alcohol so expect drunk people in parties. And being the only who’s not drunk, i don’t wanna be the one to take care of them.


    • oh trust me, people here likes alcohol too. It’s just we’re still in high school and the party is hosted by the school so obviously alcohol weren’t allowed.
      But being in a midst of drunk people must feel so uncomfortably scary…

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    • Oh, we’re in a university and most parties are started by the students themselves.
      I had such experience back when i was a freshman. I was persuaded by my friends because it’s a celebratory party for the play we did and i was the director so i can’t skip it. After the party, only three (including me) among 18 are not drunk. It’s scary how people are vomiting one by one and it was too much for us to handle them all. It was just so scary and too troublesome i didn’t attend any other parties with alcoholic drinks present.

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    • It’s about a novel written by our country’s national hero, just a part of it coz it’s a long novel. It’s a small play, not anything extravagant. I was the director because the class voted for it, and i’d rather be a director than an actor. I have stage fright. ><


    • I see. For me I prefer to be an actor because I like being in front of an audience more. =)
      And I don’t think I’m very suited to directing people. You still need to be a good leader to direct a small play successfully. ^^

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    • Well, i am a school leader back in high school. Though i stopped running for positions in college to focus on my studies. I’m only doing small-scale leadership now like being a team leader.


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