Thoughts on Nekoma vs Fukurodani Game


This game is probably one of the games i am really excited about aside from the Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa game that ended just a while ago.

Well, I think both teams are really good and it’s difficult to figure out who will win but tbh, Nekoma stands out more as a team as there are several interesting players in their team. On the other hand, I can only remember Bokuto in Fukurodani most of the time coz i think he overshadows everyone with his personality. Maybe it’s also because Nekoma was introduced first and they had more screen time than Fukurodani.

Strength-wise though, it is said that Fukurodani is stronger than Nekoma. In the latest chapter Kenma told Hinata that “They were only lucky to even have made it into final rep playoffs” and that’s not just him being humble since it was previously mentioned that Tokyo has a lot of strong teams. Whereas, Kuroo said that when Bokuto ‘finds his rhythm’, he’s on par with the top 3 national players. Meaning, he’s as strong as Shiratorizawa’s Ushiwaka provided that he’s on his best mood. Unfortunately for them, it seems that Bokuto is already on his best condition during their game.

Even with the facts above, i was still hoping to see Nekoma win. Well, it’s mostly because I can only witness the ‘Battle at the Trash Dump’ if they do so. And though it may not be so easy, i’m sure they have something in store for that particular face-off with Fukurodani. Let’s just see what happens in the next chapters. Cheers!


One thought on “Thoughts on Nekoma vs Fukurodani Game

  1. there’s akaashi too in fukurodani, hehehe … besides, fukurodani is also a very solid team that can pull out the best from their ace, bokuto as well as keep the best rythm when their ace is dejected mode(?)
    i vote fukurodani, hehehe …


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