7 Best Shounen Anime

For my first anime-related post here in my blog, i decided to list the 7 best shounen anime i’ve ever watched and why i love them. Why only 7? Because it’s my favorite number. 😉😛 This is just a list based on my opinion and other people’s views may vary. I just feel like compiling the best among the ones i’ve watched and probably look back after some time and see whether these are still my best 7 anime. 😁

So, here it goes:



Hxh is among the anime with the ‘easy-going’ first impression then turns ‘dark and serious’ halfway through. It is also one with the most intriguing plot and characters which makes it more interesting. Tbh, i was a little bit disappointed with the ending. Not that i didn’t like the ending, it’s just that the ending seems to be more of the arc story’s ending than the real story’s ending. I wanted more from it but it ended right there. I wonder if it’s the same with the manga coz i haven’t read it yet but anyway, the story’s really good. As compared with the first version, i think the animation is better, though i never really finished watching the first to really comment about the difference in other aspects.




This is among the most recently aired anime, just last season actually, but it has already made it into my best 7. Why? Because it hilarious! I never would’ve thought that an anime where the protagonist is so very strong (it can defeat its enemy with only one punch) could be this entertaining. The story hasn’t progressed that much far yet and there are still lots of questions to be answered including the origin of Saitama’s powers but this one is really worthy of being in this list. It may even go up in rank soon.




Hitman Reborn is the first long series i have finished watching. It is not really something that stands out a lot at first — i also thought it wasn’t that great when i watched the first few episodes. But a little more into the story and i noticed that it was actually pretty good! It has that particular charm in it that makes it more enjoyable the more the story progresses. I’ve always loved the fight scenes, the music (really good!), the cute arcobalenos and Hibari Kyouya! 😜




When it comes to anime, what really piques my interest first is the art and I really adore the art style of Magi.  The vibrant colors, the emotions, the chibi versions 😝, all of it gave me a fluffy feeling. Aladdin being so cute is one of the reasons too. 😍 The overall story is good with just the right amount of comedy and action. Another thing i liked about this anime is the theme — ancient and magical. I personally love ancient/historical cultures and clothing.




I haven’t watched FMA: Brotherhood yet but i feel that even so, FMA is already a really great anime. Still, i have high expectations regarding Brotherhood especially with how most reviewers highly recommend it. Nevertheless, like many others who had watched this anime, i’ve also shed lots of (happy and sad) tears. Unlike other shounen anime, FMA’s story has more depth, in an emotional level. It shows a lot of emotions — with it being written in a more serious tone — you just can’t help but be drawn in.




Tbh, i am not so fond of sports anime before. I know some popular ones like Slam Dunk and Kuroko no Basket but they didn’t hit me the way Haikyuu did. Borrowing Hinata’s words, it’s like Boom! Woosh! Ka-Blam! and then i fell in love with it. 💘

Maybe because it’s a volleyball anime and i am a volleyball player back in high school that’s why i liked it instantly. But really, it’s more than that. First of all, the characters are adorable, like 💙😝. They have their own unique personalities but they all go well together. I also never find it boring because the episodes can be either extremely humorous or positively exciting. It has that looking-forward-to-the-next-episode feeling.




One Piece is the longest anime i have read/watched and even so, i had never once thought of letting it go. At first i was hesitant on whether i should watch this or not coz it has already like, 500+ episodes by that time. But! When i started it i just can’t stop anymore. I watched 500+ episodes in two weeks! Thank God it’s vacation at that time. 😝

What i really love in this anime is how it is so unpredictable and detailed. It’s like Eiichiro Oda always has a story prepared for every character and sometimes, you won’t even see it coming. The action and comedy are top-notched and the occasional tear-jerker episodes really pierces the heart. It is definitely the best anime ever!


And so that’s all 7 of them. I’ll probably do my best 7 on other genres as well though i’m really so slow coz i think so hard about which one should be first, second and so on. But since i’ve always wanted to do this thing, i hope to do more in the future. 😀


21 thoughts on “7 Best Shounen Anime

    • Thank you! I am planning on watching all of Brotherhood but i just don’t have much time to, as of now. I’m reading One-Punch man as well, it’s really good and i hope a next season of the anime would come soon. 😊

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    • Brotherhood is a long anime, but worth checking it out. I say watch it when you know you are free. One-Punch Man is one epic series. Hopefully with the popularity it should get a second season.

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